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Over the years, the following are our clients' testimonial of our work to help them drive sales and business excellence. We are thankful to our clients for contributing to our success and inspiring us to continue to do what we do best! 

“J.K. helped our company to diversify our network infrastructure and IT solutions to the service provider and enterprise market. He helped us to expand our business with new customers by going on joint customer engagement sales calls. Through his channel management program for B2B sales, we were motivated to deliver and exceed our sales quota. By going through a rigorous yet fair channel management program, he helped us gain confidence to work with other Tier 1 networking and IT vendors. He was tough yet flexible when we needed help the most to break into new markets and competitor’s accounts.

He also helped to coach and develop our sales force using Target Account Selling methodology and competitive selling skills.”

Richard Lau, Executive Director/CEO, Diversified Gateway Solutions Berhad

“J.K. of Octoneon Pte Ltd helped me to unravel our product differentiators by using design thinking to fine-tune our business model. We brainstormed for the best digital marketing and e-commerce strategy and we were able to successfully launch our health and wellness product. The experience was invaluable as a fast start pad for other product launches. He also coached me on sales strategy, high-touch selling skills and target account selling methodologies to win business with telcos in Malaysia.”

Johari Raja Affendi

Executive Director, Nufera Bio Sdn Bhd

“I worked with J.K. of Octoneon Pte Ltd to evaluate our go-to-market and channel strategy for our BrainWave and EmoWave Activation solution to increase sales. While formulating our market entry strategy, he helped me define our sales and pricing strategy to penetrate the corporate and education market in Singapore. He was instrumental in helping me to fine-tune the sales strategy for my business in Singapore and provided business copywriting support for my marketing campaigns.”

Dr. Dickson Lai,

Founder/Director, Dickson Labs

“J.K. helped us penetrate into a dominant telecommunications service provider by helping us put together a very competitive bid highlighting our combined value proposition. He helped to coach and mentor our sales force to upsell into the account and by doing account planning.  He also provided training on sales, competitive analysis, positioning and strategy.

For the government sector, he helped us put together a compelling proposal that played to our combined strengths to deliver a resilient and robust networks infrastructure for the State government. He helped to coach our sales managers to upsell into adjacent markets.

For strategic accounts, he helped us see the benefit of collaborating with channel partner with complementary skills and competencies to win business. He also helped to pull together a SWAT team for a 24x7 technical support to support the network and IT infrastructure of a major international sports event.”


Syed Naguib Syed Adwam Wafa, Managing Director, ROW Mobile Sdn Bhd

“J.K. helped me to further uncover my strengths in marketing to target and serve B2B and B2C companies in my niche area. He further coached me on upselling to my client base using design thinking to reinvigorate and refocus my business model to increase sales. He also worked closely with me to build my company’s mindshare using visual branding and digital marketing tools and techniques.”

Adam Gazari

Executive Director, RSA Capital Pte Ltd

“J.K. is the person who jumps start my push into a strong online presence and visual branding.  He is very fast to get my website up and running and cost effectively using Wordpress. He exposed me to visual branding as a way to increase mindshare by using the right colors and types of images, the things we say and how to say them correctly.


Isaac Yeo

Entrepreneur / Director, 100G Training and Consultancy Pte Ltd

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