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WOLF Fiber Optics Perimeter Security

and Surveillance System

... by BG Optics

The WOLF Perimeter Security and Surveillance System developed by BG Optics in powerful yet scalable solution that is based on passive single mode fiber optic cable. The solution involves deploying single mode fiber optic cables in the ground or underwater and detect security intrusions and movements around the buried cable (~60 cm below ground) by monitoring the waveforms and pattern variations in the fiber optics.

The solution is fairly inexpensive and can potentially be used for the following applications in both the public and private sector across the Asia Pacific territories.

  • Security for telecoms infrastructure, data centres and assets

  • Security for high net-worth installations (oil & gas and strategic government installations). It could even be used in agriculture farms to protect against intrusion by animals, theft or changes in the terrain due to flooding or poor weather conditions.

  • Security for exclusive housing estates, condominiums or diplomatic enclave

  • Security for airports and airstrips

  • Security for high-risk military and police installations and border control

  • Prisons

Potentially, you could deploy it to protect a telecom operator’s fiber infrastructure and Network Operations Centre (NOCs) against intrusion or sell “security-as-a-service” over the solution. You could either deploy new fiber along the telecom operator “rights-of-ways” or use spare capacity on the operator’s fiber infrastructure.

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